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Our Team


Dale Squires
Hi everyone, I am Dale! I am a Care Co-Ordinator here at Fairmeadows and I have been in this role for 7 months now. When I joined Fairmeadows, this was a brand new role as the company was growing and I have enjoyed moulding and developing the role as we grew. I have a background in Nursing and I have many years experience in this area.
Rebecca Snell
Hi I'm Rebecca! I'm a Senior Care Assistant here at Fairmeadows and I've worked here for 1 and a half years now. What I like most about working for Fairmeadows is that I have been with the company since it was started and I've seen it grow, gaining more clients and colleagues, and I love working with them all! I started here as a Care Assistant and I was promoted to Senior Care Assistant, that is something I am very proud of.
Ethel Scott
Hello everyone, my name is Ethel and I am a Senior Care Assistant here at Fairmeadows. I have been with Fairmeadows for just over a year, and a Senior Care Assistant for just under a year. I am originally from Ghana, but have lived in the UK for a long time now. It's strange but my home back in Ghana is actually called Fairmeadow! It must mean I was meant to work here! I love my job, all of the service users are brilliant and the team is so supportive.
Tracy McDonald
Good afternoon everyone I'm Tracy. I'm one of the newest starters here at Fairmeadows, I've been here around a month and I've learnt a lot during this busy time! Before this, I was working outside of care for 5 years so I am excited to be back into it. I have a busy life at home with 3 kids and a grandson, but I still manage to give my all when I'm at work and I love it.


Our Care Assistants are dedicated caring individuals who want to go the extra mile to delight our service users.
 We provided extensive training and support to all our staff to ensure you or your loved ones needs are fully met and expectations exceeded.

IMG_4717Kirsty Armstrong was voted employee of the month for April, shown above Kirsty is pictured collecting her certificate and trophy. Well Done Kirsty!

 Our Senior Care Assistants/ Care Co ordinators are also here to help and provide a network of support to all our care assistants, Clients and also the senior management team. With over 40 years combined experience you can be assured you are in safe hands.IMG_4718(Pictured above from left to right, Jamie Brown, Diane Chrichard, Amber Towers & Dale Squires)

 Our Senior Mangement Team

  •  Jamie Brown Managing Director
  •  Deborah Towers Operations Director
  •  Amber Towers HR/Resources Manager